On Thursday, September 21, there was a kitchen fire at Tavernetta that was swiftly contained by the Denver Fire Department. The restaurant was evacuated to ensure the safety and welfare of the staff and guests and the Tavernetta team is extremely thankful to report that no one was injured or harmed during the incident.
While the cause of the fire still has not been determined, the team is working meticulously to find its source and make all necessary repairs to re-open as quickly as possible. Tavernetta’s space is currently being repaired to address smoke damage, replacing flooring and other woodwork, and kitchen equipment that was damaged in the fire; the team expects that the restaurant will reopen later this fall.

On behalf of the entire Tavernetta team, including partners Bobby Stuckey, Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, Peter Hoglund, and Mark Falcone, chef Ian Wortham and GM Justin Williams, we continue to share appreciation and thanks to the Denver Fire Department and Emergency Services for their dedication and professionalism in handling this situation; the Tavernetta staff for the way they continue to gracefully navigate this unforeseen emergency; and our guests for remaining patient and understanding during the current closure of Tavernetta.
We will advise as soon as we have an expected re-opening date for this fall.

For any questions, please email